City Sprouts Preschool is a nurturing and inspiring environment where every child can explore, grow, and discover through individual and collaborative experiences. Our integrated community values each child as unique with a program that cultivates imagination and a love of learning. 

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City Sprouts Preschool is a Reggio Emilia inspired, emergent curriculum school located in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco. We offer full day, partial or full week programs for children in a large developmentally appropriate indoor and outdoor space. We value the entire learning process, and the idea that children learn best through play. Children are given the opportunity to learn and build meaningful relationships while engaging in open-ended play, and the ability to guide the curriculum with their interests and ideas. Each child is supported in making the most of each experience through observation, documentation and guidance. City Sprouts Preschool provides organic homemade snacks and lunches for the children. They learn how to nourish the mind and body and the importance of community by sharing meals together. 

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